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Suzuki Thunder

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Modifikasi Suzuki Thunder 125 Jadi Moge
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There so many people who interested with moge like Harley Davidson. There so many people who have a dream to buy and ride their own Harley Davidson motor bike.Modifications can also be done on the existing sound or horn of the bike. Sound can be tweaked upon by adding a diffuser with the sound of a Harley Davidson.
Chambers and exhaust can also be altered to give a completely different look.

The basic disadvantage of having these changes is that it greatly influences the mileage of the bikes. but the dream is just a dream because actually there only few people who can get and buy Motor Gede or MOGE. But there is a good solution of how to have a MOge Without spending much money to buy it. and the only way is just modify your motor bike. it is a good solution is not it!

Modifikasi Suzuki Thunder 125 Jadi Moge

Suzuki Thunder 2007 Full Spec Modification:
- Color “Blue Pearl” by Pernis + (Sikkens)
- Cutting Sticker Custom white color (Suzuki GSX1000)
- Rear hugger (Custom)
- Seat “Single seat Black Color” (Custom)
- Front fairing (Yamaha R6 Custom replica)
- Muffler / Knalpot (Custom double undertrail)
- Air Filter (OEM)
- Plugs (NGK Irridium)
- Cable plugs (OEM)
Legs (leg-foot)
- Arm Custom Galvanis plate 5mm
- Front Whell (OEM 17 “x 2.15) Silver
- Rear Whell (OEM 17 “x 2.35) silver
- Front Tromol (OEM)
- Rear Tromol (OEM)
- Front Tire (Bridgestone Batlax) 120/60/17
- Rear Tire (Bridgestone Batlax) 150/60/17
- Front Shock breaker (OEM)
- Rear Shock breaker (Suzuki Satria 125cc 2-Not MONOSHOCK version)
- Per Rear (Suzuki Satria 125cc 2-Not MONOSHOCK version)
- Brake Master (Brembo)
- Front Disc plate (Brembo)
- Informer (Custom)
- Brake Handle (with chrome Custom)
- Takometer Speedometer (Custom)
- Front Lamp (Custom Replica Suzuki GSX1000)
- Rear Lamp (Custom)
- HID xenon lamp “Front” yellow color

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