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Honda Tiger

Honda Tiger

Modified Motor Honda Tiger 2002 Style Street Fighter - The flow of current street fighter began reaching the area. Honda Tiger 2002's Irwandi Nurullah, a resident of Dumai, Riau, for example, her figure had changed to "Robofighter Style". Modifications done Suswanto from Billy Custom, which is known as the adherents of West Java Style or WJS.

There is no extreme change in the body, except the fuel tanks because it follows the line of pull back a little tapered. Uniquely, the speedometer menemplok at the end of the tank (near the handlebars).

Wanto Suwanto-familiar call-strong adherent streetfighter and quite diligent experimentation. In addition to pure European style blends, sometimes flavored modification own ideas. As with Tiger, he claimed to follow the design of Ducati streetfighter who is taken in its basic form aja.

From his work, the curvature and composition firmly elbow once on almost the entire body, while WJS style by making the center more crowded and bloom maintained. As part of the tank, at the bottom add the wing so impressed gambot, but with a smaller rear. All changes to the body using galvanized plate material.

To be more appropriate composition, the rear chassis is regenerated using 22.5 mm pipe as a new framework. The original framework is still in use, according to Wanto, only the center part of the backbone. Muscular impression deltabox supported applications, plus a swing arm that dikondomkan, including front shock absorbers. To the rear, he put shock absorbers Suzuki Satria.

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